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ABBITZ model 311A  is built tough. It is manufactured as a drop in replacement for the Barton® model 200A. Actuated by the ABBITZ model 310A. Can be mounted on a panel or with the 2” pipe mount as pictured to the right. SWP is 2500 PSI and available in DP ranges from 0-10”wc to 0-100psi . AVAILABLE MODELS







310 DPU Actuated Units:




113C DPU Actuated Units:












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     Model Number

     Housing Pressure Rating (SWP)

     Housing Material

     Bellows Material

     Process being measured

     Differential Pressure Range

     Type of Scale

     Scale Graduations

       Mounting type


Differential Pressure Instrumentation

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ABBITZ Model 311A Indicator


        Barton® Model 200A Indicator

The ABBITZ Model 311A indicator measures differential pressure, fluid flow rate, or liquid level. For fluid flow measurements, the indicator is connected by piping to the low and high-pressure sides of orifice plates, venturis, flow tubes or a similar device located in the process run. For liquid level applications, variations in the level of the liquid within the process vessel produce changes in differential pressure used to indicate the liquid height. The indicating pointer travels through a 270 degree arc over a six-inch diameter scale. The precision jeweled movement has a easily accessible micrometer screw for range adjustment. Zero adjustment via the pointer hub can be made without removing the scale plate or pointer. Additional range and linearity adjustments are accessible after removal of the scale plate. The ABBITZ model 311A differential pressure indicator is a drop in alternative for the Barton model 200A DP indicator.

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