ABBITZ Offers 3" to 6" Dial-Size Indicators for the Measurement of Differential Pressure, Flow Rate and Liquid Level Applications

 ABBITZ Measurement Inc. manufactures a broad selection of indicators for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges. Irrespective of their specific type, all models are actuated by the ABBITZ improved rupture-proof dual bellow and are designed specifically as drop in replacements for comparable Barton DP instruments. ABBITZ understands the Industry needs fast delivery, and we have developed a process that allows high priority units to be furnished  next day for most plant outage conditions. Our standard delivery is one to two weeks. The indicators are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, liquid level, flow rate, liquified gases, jet engine/missile testing, aircraft ground support, water treatment process measurement, and air conditioning systems. Features include 3", 4-1/2”, and 6" (76, 114, and 152 mm) dial sizes, NEMA 4/IP65 rating on selected models, a wide variety of differential pressure ranges (including zero-center, and split ranges), and pulsation damping on certain models.


Actuating Units

The indicator is actuated by an improved design rupture-proof bellows differential pressure unit (DPU) with integral temperature compensation.  The new bellows design incorporating edge-welding technology replaces the old resistance weld design, resulting in what we believe to be 30% longer life and vastly improved linearity - a key failure mode of the original design where spring rate increases with bellows deflection (movement). With controlled and repeatable manufacturing processes,  the result is consistent linearity and unit-to-unit calibration is virtually the same for each range.

These DPUs are available in two models: The 310 and 113C DPU’s feature a dual, liquid-filled, bellows designed to withstand repeated over ranges equal to the safe working  pressure of the housings without a change in calibration.



Model 311A is actuated by the Model 310 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU). Models 337C, 338C, 357C, 358C, & 427C are actuated by the 113C DPU

Model 311A — 6” DP indicator

Model 337C — 3” DP indicator

Model 338C — 6” DP indicator

Model 357C, 358C — 3” and 6” Portable DP indicators

Model 427C — 4.5” DP indicator (Mil-Spec)


Indicating Switches

Model 400A is actuated by the Model 310 Differential Pressure Unit (DPU). Models 399C, & 429C are actuated by the 113C DPU

Model 399C — 6” DP indicating switch

Model 400A — 6” DP indicating switch

Model 429C — 6” DP indicating switch (Mil Spec)

Indicating Mechanism

The indicating pointer traverses a 270-degree arc, providing excellent readability. It is driven by a precision-jeweled rotary movement that multiplies rotation of the torque tube through a gear and pinion to the pointer. The movement, which employs a thermally stable Ni-Span-C hair spring, has a micrometer screw for convenient range adjustments. Zero/range adjustments can be made without removing the scale plate or pointer. Linearity adjustments are readily accessible after removal of the scale plate. We provide split scale plates on some models so removing the pointer is not necessary to remove the scale plate.


All indicating scales can be graduated uniformly for measurement of differential pressure or liquid level, or square root for direct reading of flow rate. Special scales can be furnished for indicating liquid level in horizontal or non-uniform tanks.


ABBITZ indicators are available in 3”, 4.5”, and 6” die-cast aluminum with an epoxy black finish. MIL SPEC instruments are grey epoxy.



ABBITZ Measurement, Inc.



ABBITZ indicators are available in a broad selection of materials and dial sizes for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges.  They are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications









310 DPU Actuated Units:




113C DPU Actuated Units:












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