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ABBITZ model 399C DP Indicating Switch is manufactured as a drop in replacement for the Barton® model 288C differential pressure indicating switch. Actuated by the ABBITZ model 113C.








310 DPU Actuated Units:




113C DPU Actuated Units:












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Differential Pressure Instrumentation

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ABBITZ Model 399C Indicating Switch


   Barton® Model 288C Indicating Switch

ABBITZ Model 399C
Differential Pressure Indicator w/ Switch


The Model 399C DP Indicating Switches are used by Commercial, Industrial and Military for liquid level indication of Fuels, Oils, FLOX, CO2, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Argon and many other fluids and gases. They are also used to measure Differential Pressure and Flow of those fluids and Gases with the ability of actuating a switch on increasing or decreasing differential pressures. Built as a drop in replacement for the Barton model 288, 288A and 288C, the ABBITZ 399C has the same form, fit and function. We have made some improvements on some of the internal components. A comparison of the Barton 288C and the ABBITZ 399C can be seen on the chart below.



· Measures DP, liquid level and flow

· Actuated by ABBITZ 113C DP Unit

· Die-cast aluminum 6-inch case with weather resistant epoxy resin paint

· Elastomer ring secures glass in bezel

· Ring seal ensures moisture, fume and dust-free environment

· Precision-made, jeweled, rotary movement

· Zero/range adjustment via micrometer screw

· Rotary movement and pointer protected from over range



· 6” Dial Size, Die-Cast Alum case

· Pressure Housings, rated at 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, & 10000 PSI Safe Working Pressure (SWP) depending on material.

· Available Pressure Housing Material: Forged Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel 316L, CuNi, Monel

· Oxygen Cleaning is available

· Accuracy: 0.5% full scale

· DP Ranges from 30” WC to 1000 PSI

· Standard Scales or special graduations upon request.


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Model 399C

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